About Kenges Rakishev

About Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev

In Kazakhstan, Kenes Rakishev is well known as a highly successful young entrepreneur, investor and patron of the arts. His numerous projects and achievements are widely acknowledged and discussed.

Let’s begin with a few basic facts:

  • Kenes Rakishev is a shareholder in and Chairman of the Board of JSC Kazkommertzbank;
  • He has a 22.4% share in the Petropavlovsk group of companies;
  • He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fincraft Resourses (formerly SAT & Company);
  • He is Co-Founder of the Singulariteam funds and Fastlane Ventures;
  • He is rated as one of the top 50 richest businessmen in Kazakhstan.

These facts amply demonstrate just how much Kenes Rakishev has achieved at the young age of 39. Few entrepreneurs have the ability to analyse events across a range of industries, recognise projects that have great potential and work so successfully with troubled and distressed assets.


Business Activities

Start-Ups and Technology
Rakishev has a distinguished record of investing in early stage advanced tech start-ups. His support and involvement have enabled the emergence of several breakthrough technologies and gadgets. Among his major projects are one of the first blockchain-based smartphones, the Finney from Sirin Labs; the stable new cryptocurrency known as SagaCoin; the Pitbull AD and DOGO AntiTerror combat modules; and Orbi Prime, smart-glasses used for panoramic 360-degree video shooting.

Troubled and Distressed Assets
From early on in his career Rakishev has taken on challenging projects that had previously been poorly managed or suffered extensive losses. Using his business expertise, he focuses on identifying the main issues, implementing effective solutions and ensuring that returns on assets are prioritised. Assets and companies he has acquired and salvaged include various long-term construction projects in Moscow and other regions, BTA Bank, Kazkommertsbank, and Petropavlovsk.

Charitable Projects
Side by side with his intense cross-sector business activities, Kenes Rakishev is also involved in several philanthropic projects. He is an active supporter of the Saby Charitable Foundation, which he founded together with his wife. For close to two decades the foundation has been helping young mothers and orphans, talented school children and young people, disabled people, and budding entrepreneurs. Through the Saby Foundation Rakishev aims to support the younger generations and encourage them to build careers in a variety of industries including science, finance, technology, and medical technology. By helping them develop professionally and elevating multiple business sectors, the foundation is working towards a safer and better future for all.