SRN Coins Can Now be Traded Online – Sirin Labs Celebrates Success


SRN Token Now Available on HitBTC Exchange

Sirin Labs has finally achieved the major objective of making it possible for SRN coins to be traded on one of the world’s largest exchanges, HitBTC. Ranked as one of the top 10 online trading platforms, HitBTC achieves a daily trading volume of up to US$90 million.

Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev and Sirin Labs

Co-founded by Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev and led by Moshe Hogeg, Sirin Labs is a pioneering company that creates unique technologies. Among its most important creations is Finney, the first smartphone to use blockchain technology. The remarkable achievement of making it possible for SRN coins to be traded on HitBTC has greatly impressed both the management of the company and Rakishev, the businessman who had the vision and knowledge to believe in the future success of the startup.

Why HitBTC?

Sirin Labs carefully selected HitBTC as the exchange it wanted to use for trading its tokens. HitBTC was chosen mainly because of its serious approach to digital security. HitBTC offers a three-level check: automatic log in, activity and two-factor authentication. Additionally, the interface on the online platform is convenient and user-friendly, even for beginners. HitBTC also has other obvious advantages, including the following:

• HitBTC is compatible with a large number of trading pairs.
• Traders can begin trading without first going through a verification process.
• Coins can be replenished or withdrawn using currency.
• The exchange uses three types of orders: market, limited and scalable.
• HitBTC supports all popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash.

About the SRN Token

Sirin Labs Token (SRN) is a cryptocurrency that has existed for four years, during which time demand for it has grown steadily. Now that it has been made available on the HitBTC exchange, everyone interested in investing in cryptocurrency, particularly in the mobile phone industry, will have the opportunity to see the stability, reliability and other advantages of this token.

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