Why Does Kenes Rakishev Invest in Saga’s Cryptocurrency?

It’s All About Stability

For the first time, a reliable cryptocurrency has made its appearance, the new currency from Saga. This new contender also lacks one of the major drawbacks associated with digital currency – high volatility when it comes to price. It was the prime objective of ensuring greater stability that led the creator of this currency, the private Swiss company Saga Foundation, to avoid using the ICO funding method, which can be highly speculative.

Investment Interest From Far and Wide

Saga’s cryptocurrency has proven to be an attractive option for a range of top investment firms, including venture fund companies like Lightspeed Venture, Initial Capital and Mangrove Capital. It’s important to note too that the new cryptocurrency has also proven popular with leading hedge fund investors, such as Kazakhstan businessman and investor Kenes Rakishev’s Singulariteam. Rakishev is very positive and upbeat when he speaks about the new cryptocurrency. According to Rakishev, Saga’s cryptocurrency combines the key advantages of modern blockchain technology with proven mechanisms from traditional finance.

Why US $30 Million Has Been Invested in the Saga Cryptocurrency

Investors’ interest in the new cryptocurrency is explained by the following factors:

  • Saga cryptocurrency is the world’s first ???adult’ cryptocurrency and its value is ensured by the Special Drawing Rights of the International Monetary Fund.
  • The system is entirely transparent. Authorities of different states have the right to monitor transactions with Saga at any time and to obtain information about the owners.
  • All holders of the new Saga cryptocurrency can simply and quickly convert virtual currency into actual currency by cashing out.

The new Saga cryptocurrency is an important step on the road to developing a form of cryptocurrency that achieves both transaction security and reduced speculation risk. No wonder it has provoked the interest of several investors who strongly believe that it will prove highly successful. The great potential of Saga’s cryptocurrency is evident in its appeal to businessmen like Rakishev, who are known to invest only in projects that are both beneficial and profitable.